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Floripondio Filter

Floripondio Filter

Narrative Coffee Stand

Stewed apricots, almond chocolate, brown sugar

Origin: Samaipata, Agua Rica, Bolivia
Variety: Yellow caturra
Process: Washed
Producer: The Rodriguez Family
Altitude: 1,710 masl


About the producer

Pedro Rodriguez, he is the owner of Floripondio and creator of Agricafe in Bolivia along with his daughter Daniela and son Pedro Pablo. Together they are making big sustainable changes to the Bolivian coffee producing markets after a devastating decline back in 2016, today Agricafe has 12 farms and around 130 Hectares of coffee under their banner of ‘Fincas Los Rodriguez’. The Rodriguez family’s approach to coffee production has been extremely methodical, innovative and scientific. Along the way, they consulted leading specialty coffee agronomists from around the world to help them produce exceptional coffee and build sustainable and healthy farms.

About the processing

Pickers from the Samaipata community carefully handpick only the ripest cherries and pass through the farm every day to ensure the coffee is only picked at its prime. They are picked and processed on the same day at the Rodriguez family’s wet mill located at one of their nearby farm, El Fuerte. After being weighed it was carefully sorted by weight using water, and any floaters removed. The coffees where then washed and dried slowly in a stationary dryer for 60-75 hours with temperatures no higher than 40˚C. When they reached 16% humidity it was rested for five hours in a silo, and then carefully dried until it reached 11.5% humidity. Once the coffees were dry, they were transported to La Paz where they rested before being milled at Agricafe’s dry mill, La Luna. At this state-of-the-art mill, the coffees were meticulously hulled and sorted using machinery and also a team of sorters who carefully sort them by hand under UV and natural light.

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