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Hambela Buku Filter

Hambela Buku Filter

Narrative Coffee Stand

Concord grapes, peach, earl grey

Origin: Guji, Ethiopia
Variety: 74110 & 74158
Process: Black Honey
Producer: Adinew Brothers
Altitude: 2,400 masl


About the producer

Aman Adinew owns the farm, which is run by him and his brother’s company, METAD Agricultural Development. A company, that collaborates with a range of agronomists to continue to develop the quality in the coffee. The way they run their farm is an inspiration to all working in this industry.

About the processing

Ripe coffee cherries are carefully selected and sorted to ensure only the highest quality beans are used. The cherries are then pulped, removing the outer skin and leaving some of the pulp intact. After pulping, the coffee beans, still covered in a layer of sticky mucilage, are spread out on patios or raised beds to dry. During this drying phase, the remaining pulp ferments, imparting flavors and aromas to the beans. The drying process can take several weeks, and careful monitoring of factors like temperature and humidity is essential to achieve the desired flavor profile. Once the beans have dried to the desired moisture content, they are hulled, removing the final layer of parchment and revealing the green coffee beans. These beans are then ready for roasting, where the true flavors of the black honey processed coffee are unlocked.

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