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Ahmed Abatemam Filter

Ahmed Abatemam Filter

Narrative Coffee Stand

Dark plums, currants, dark chocolate

Origin: Agaro, Jimma, Ethiopia
Variety: 74110 & 74112 cultivars
Process: Natural
Producer: Ahmed Abatemam
Altitude: 2100 masl


About the producer

Ahmed Abatemam and his brother Khalid work a 35ha estate of varietals mostly “73” and “94” at around 2100 masl. Ahmed’s estate is just near the famous Hunda Oli Cooperative in Agaro region, and the brothers use a hand-cranked pulper to produce mostly washed coffee. Ahmed and Khalid have been working for a long time in coffee, the family has long depended on coffee.

About the processing

Cherries are selectively hand-picked and dried on drying beds.

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