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El Arcangel Filter

El Arcangel Filter

Narrative Coffee Stand

Plum wine, nashi pear, bittersweet chocolate

Origin: Caranavi, Bolivia
Variety: Red Caturra
Process: Coco Natural
Producer: Rodríguez Family
Altitude: 1,700 masl


About the producer

The Rodriguez family, the father, Pedro, son Pedro Pablo and daughter Daniela own a farm consisting of seven different lots of land. Together they are making big sustainable changes to the Bolivian coffee producing markets after a devastating decline back in 2016, today Agricafe has 12 farms and around 130 Hectares of coffee under their banner of ‘Fincas Los Rodriguez’. The Rodriguez family’s approach to coffee production has been extremely methodical, innovative and scientific. Along the way, they consulted leading specialty coffee agronomists from around the world to help them produce exceptional coffee and build sustainable and healthy farms.

About the processing

Coco Natural is by dehydrating the cherry instead of just drying it. The way the process works is that the cherries are dried on raised beds under a special UV-filter shade for the first days and then after this, they are finished in the Coco Dryers for a slowly and consistently drying/dehydration. 

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