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Finca Maputo Filter

Finca Maputo Filter

Narrative Coffee Stand

Cape gooseberry, Apricot, Milk oolong

Origin: La Perla, Nanegal, Pichincha
Variety: Typica Mejorado 
Process: Washed
Producer: Henry and Verena Gaibor
Altitude: 1350 masl


About the producer

Finca Maputo was named after the city where Verena and Henry met for the first time when they were working for Doctors without Borders in Mozambique. After many years of work in West Africa, the couple moved to Ecuador, Henry's home country, where they opened a clinic just north of Quito. It was soon after moving back to Ecuador that Verena and Henry started taking interest in growing coffee, and after the clinic was well established in 2011 they began with their coffee venture. Maputo is now one of the best exponents of Specialty coffee in the country. Verena and Henry have inspired many people to begin producing coffee, their methodical approach to farming has earned them recognition in the national and international market having won many prices in Taza Dorada and Cup of Excellence.

About the processing

An initial selection of cherries through flotation is carried out as soon as the cherries arrive at the farm's wet mill. Then, the cherries are placed in tanks to ferment for 24 hours. After this, the cherries are pulped, leaving all the mucilage attached to the parchment. The coffee is now laid onAfrican beds inside polytunnels where the beans are constantly moved to achieve a homogenous drying process. The coffee rests here until humidity reaches 18%.

A final stage of drying happens inside a mechanical drying chamber, where coffee dries until humidity reaches 11%. This chamber is used because the humidity in the environment is usually very high, making it too difficult to reach the desired humidity to stabilise the coffee. Before being ready for export the parchment coffee is placed inside GrainPro bags to stabilise for 6 to 8 weeks.

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