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Gera Filter

Gera Filter

Narrative Coffee Stand

Clementine, green apple, black tea

Origin: Limu region, Oromia
Variety: JARC 74110
Process: washed
Producer: Tracon Trading PLC
Altitude: 1780 - 2100 masl


About the producer

Established by Mr. Omer Ali Shifaw in 2008, Tracon Trading PLC is a leading exporting company involved in a number of industries in Ethiopia. The family-owned company own a number of coffee farms and washing stations in Ethiopia’s producing regions, along with a state-of-the-art dry mill and storage facility in Addis Ababa, where quality control is overseen by Adbuhay Hassen.

About the processing

Each day, carefully picked coffee cherries are delivered to the Gera washing station and are meticulously sorted by hand and in a floatation tank prior to processing to remove unripe, overripe, or damaged fruit, in order to enhance the quality and sweetness of the cup.

After sorting, the coffee cherries are pulped to remove the fruit and skin and graded by weight; heavier beans are of superior quality and deliver a sweeter cup. Once graded, the parchment-covered coffee is soaked in tanks of clean water for 36–48 hours to remove the mucilage (sticky fruit pulp) by allowing it to ferment and detach from the coffee. The coffee is then re-washed and graded again by density in washing channels and soaked in clean water for 12 hours.

The coffee is then dried for 10–12 days on raised African drying beds, firstly under cover (for around 3–5 hours) and then subsequently in the sun. Whilst drying, the coffee is carefully hand-sorted, and any defects are removed. It is also turned regularly to ensure that it dries evenly and consistently. At midday, the coffee is covered to protect it from full sun. It is also covered overnight to prevent damage from morning dew.

Once the coffee reaches its optimum moisture level, it is hulled at Tracon Trading’s facility in Addis Ababa, and rested in bags in parchment until it is ready for export.

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